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Hello guys, as we have some admins going inactive, getting buys with school/work, or losing internet along with the growing pile of of submissions, we need more hands to help us get through these stacks!

Please post a comment on this journal if you're interested

Do NOT send in a request, it'll get mixed up in the stacks of commissions we still have yet to go through

-Also please be sure that you're watching for the rules on submissions, don't just accept everything!-

Hello guys, earlier today we were messaged by JWatkinsArt about a journal they made giving advice about commissions, so be sure to give it a read :)

Road to Success: BEFORE Opening For CommissionsArtist's Note
Commissions. Commissions. Commissions!
It's all anyone on here seems to talk about. It's like a measure of popularity.
But there's a lot of danger in opening for commissions before you're prepared, and that's what this particular journal is about. Let's avoid the common commission pitfalls (a journal for another day ;) ) and get a healthy, fully prepared start!
Build Your Fan Base
I've seen some people join deviantArt and instantly expect to get commissions. We're talking the same day that they sign up.
Sorry, that's just not how it works. Actually, you'll be lucky to get commissions on deviantArt at all. DeviantArt is a community of artists. Sure, there are some buyers on here as well, but very rarely will you find regular work on this site. I like deviantArt because it's a social network with other artists. It's a place where I can come to make friends and learn. Sure, I can advertise myself on here, but most of my work comes from my Tw


:bulletred: Build Your Fanbase

:bulletred: Post to other Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.) - Under the same username as well

:bulletred: Be aware of the Points exchange rate with real world money

:bulletred: Properly price your work - Don't work for less than minimum wage

:bulletred: If you start with low prices, it will be harder to raise your prices later

:bulletred: Create a Terms of Agreement (This is something I do suggest looking back upon in the original journal)

:bulletred: Be sure to have samples of your work so the buyer knows what they're paying for

If you guys have any other advice to anyone else has that you don't see covered, feel free to post it in the comments and we'll add it to the list :)
Sadly a lot of us have become quite busy and we've been falling behind on accepting requests so I'm looking for new people to add as admins to help sort things.

Things to remember if you want to be an admin:

-ALWAYS look at the older requests before looking at the new stuff, so that the old stuff doesn't get buried
-Please politely handle people
-Please know the rules, look at what's be submitted, don't accept everything, make sure it follows the rules
-Please don't abuse the power to submit whatever you're want
Recently we received a message about a deviant problems so I would like anybody to report any issues with another Deviant (whether it be a customer or an artist), giving the username and the details. I will NOT be tagging the user to avoid hate comments from users, but if you see a deviant wrongfully on this list, please politely send me a note or send one to the group so we can have a problem fixed

Only report if:
-The artist did not do agreed upon work (drew wrong thing, being troll with art, did not ever do work after being paid)
-Commissioner never paid the artist
-Any notable reasons that you believe are of reason to report.


Note: Please send images showing that the artist did agree to do the commission and that you did pay them. If they have done a refund, please do not report them to this list.

Citrusbear - if scammed, please check here:…

QueenEvie/Viinilla/Vaiil/born-stellar/liiav/tokorra/k0v - Will open commissions, sometimes for emergencies, and make you pay before hand and then never complete the commission. Switches accounts a lot. QueenEvie/Viinilla/Vaiil/born-stellar - WATCH OUT!

YukiCalmDown - Owes many people for commissions, doesn't complete commission. often creates many accounts. More info here:…

FurryFapChap - Didn't pay for works; supplied this image

Hironoshi - Didn't pay, not communicating. (if known to have internet issues, etc, please send message)

Soryian - Paid, but then demanded refund after artist finished agreed upon piece after seeing what other artists could do for same price. Rushes artists.

Starmanicky - Will pay and have the art done, but will then call the bank and report credit card as stolen (paypal - jon micheal [look out because this DA account is currently inactive and he may make a new account])

QueenEvie/Viinilla/Vaiil/born-stellar/liiav/tokorra/k0v - Will beg for art or bid in auctions or order commissions and will not pay for it. Switches accounts a lot. QueenEvie/Viinilla/Vaiil/born-stellar - WATCH OUT!

warriorcatsfandoms34 - Admitted they were going to use an image by an artist without permission. Asked for a commission and wouldn't pay unless they saw more WIPs. When the deal fell through they stole the sketch and used it. They seem like a troll more than anything. warriorcatsfandoms34 evidence

AmpyPony - Asked for a commission, once it was finished they said they could not pay and have been using the image regardless: scammer alert (updated)
There apology/admitting to being a scammer: Letter of Apology! *****PLEASE READ*****

As a deviant requested, I will post a link to Artists Beware on LiveJournal…
Well a lot of our admins have become inactive lately, so we're looking for new admins to help with requests.

So here are the requirements and details:

:bulletred: If you go inactive for 6 months (unless notified of situation), you'll be removed from the position and returned to regular member status.

:bulletred: Please only comment on THIS journal about being an admin. Do NOT send a request to be contributor/co-founder

:bulletred: You must already be a member of this group

:bulletred: You must know what is acceptable and unacceptable for folders (Especially folders like Priority Commissions & Seeking Artist Journals)
--:bulletred:If you keep submitting things that shouldn't be submitted, you will be given a warning and eventually moved back down to members

:bulletred: If you accidentally decline something, please send a request (along with a message saying that it was an accident)

:bulletred: You do not have the right to submit your works wherever you please, you still have to follow the rules of the group

:bulletred: You must be respectful. Being disrespectful will either get you moved back to members or removed from the group

:bulletred: Please try to help out members (and nonmembers) when they ask questions

-If there are any questions about the position, please feel to comment them as well-

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